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Fuck yes i hate call of duty

love it:D

I dont know why but i just do:)

Immortal captain

two below me, you are fucking stupid

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its fun and not racist

i dont know why people instantly think everything is racist, i can guarantee if this was iraqi's instead of mexicans no one would give two fucks about killing them, its just what they make of it. :::::And actually review when buying the defenses it says a certain price but you cant get it unless you have more than that price

cool idea

but everytime i click in game he doesnt flip, but he will in the tutorial

doesnt work

doesnt work

zzkiemthanzz responds:

sorry i forgot , press UP to zoom :D

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Sounds just like a five finger death punch song, it is beautiful in every way.

RobSoundtrack responds:

Amazing compliment to me man,
thanks very very much

Hey man, not a bad start. Since your new to Fl studios be free to send me a pm about any questions you have. I'd be more than happy to help.

coaster3000 responds:

I have to get a new copy... I sure will though :P I have to rebuy it D:

Hey man, i got your PM and I'd be more than happy to review. :)
Kick, snares and hi-hats:
I wasn't a big fan of the snare in the intro stages(0:00-0:49, just because it didn't add that certain umph to it,to achieve that umph you could try adding a compressor and some reverb, and possibly even a small amount of delay. If you use delay though set the timing to 3:12 as this is the optimal time for that dubstep/house since it matches with the beat. Maybe even try to have a pre-shifter sounding snare as well(if you don't know what that is then just google it and there will be more than enough tutorials on how to achieve the sound. And when the snares start to build up try adding a Fruity LP Filter. Create a automation of the cutoff and have it slowly increase, that way it just doesn't rise out of anywhere. The kick was excellent and didn't overpower any of the other instruments. As for the hi-hats maybe maybe try to add some variation that way the beat doesn't become stale. The general sense of the pattern were well planned out though.

Your ability to work melody's the way you do is very impressive. So keep at that. And this track is very mellowed out, has a good amount of bass to it, i could definitely imagine hearing this on some sort of game.
If you have anymore questions then just PM me,
3.5 stars for you now, but 5 stars are not out of your league at all, just keep at what your doing.
and 5/5( because I think more people should hear your work:D)

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Wow. Just wow. This is super good advice, man. I'll implement all these things and then see what the revised version sounds like. I'm reckoning it would sound pretty awesome.

Thank you for the awesome review. Thanks for supporting me too.


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cover for album

ive been looking all over newgrounds for something with this sort of skill. i would like a professional artist to draw a cover for my band album. if ur intrested just pm me or repsond. thnx man.

I make music, and wanna make it big one day. my performing name is Grinding Gearz




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